Silk bed linen, 100% natural Mulberry silk



Natural silk is a type of fibre obtained from the larvae of silkmoth. One of the proteins produced by them is serichin. which has the ability to stop an allergic reaction from being triggered. Moreover, natural silk is exceptionally soft and thus good for dry and sensitive skin. Amongst other qualities, it reduces itching and feels more comfortable on the skin.


Silk Luxury reduces the friction between the skin and the pillow, thus reducing swelling and preventing lines from appearing on the face while sleeping. People with a problematic skin profit from a silk pillowcase with the skin being calmer and less red after waking up.

The fibres of a natural silk pillowcase absorb less moisture than e.g. cotton fibres. Hence, the expensive night cream, which you applied on your face before going to bed, will stay on the skin for longer, allowing it to fulfill its purpose.

Silk Luxury natural silk pillowcase is ideal for processed, fine and curly hair. The friction between the hair and the pillow is minimal which protects the hair ends from splitting. Furthermore, it allows the processed hair to maintain its form for longer and keeps curly hair from frizzing.


Silk Luxury natural silk bed linen is also able to regulate temperature. As a result, the silk bed linen absorbs heat from the body whilst staying dry, thus keeping the body cool. On the other hand, when the surrounding temperature is rather cold, the silk is able to lock in the warm air, keeping it close to the skin. Therefore, the silk keeps you cool during hot weather and warms you during cold weather.

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Beauty Pillowcase Ivory

How was Silk Luxury established? Hello, I am Susanna. I am a mother of three young children, a wife and a hairdresser. It was probably thanks to my job that Silk Luxury was born. At work I meet a lot of people who have different problems related to the health and quality of their hair. Silk Luxury 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase enhances your skin as well as hair care, in which you have put a lot of effort in. Why? Because 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase will help you:
  1. Prevent hair ends from splitting during sleeping
  2. Maintain processed hair for longer and prevent them from frizzing
  3. Prevent hair from getting tangled
  4. Prevent waking up with a puffy face
  5. If you have sensitive skin – due to its hypoallergenic properties it is perfect for babies as well
  6. Perfect if you have hair or even eyelash extensions
That is to say, if anything mentioned above applied to you, you have a very good reason to purchase a Silk Luxury pillowcase and enjoy your luxurious beauty sleep. You might also want to purchase it as a gift for a loved one. All of our products are packed in gift boxes and come with a Oeko-tex Standard 100 certificate.

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