How to take care of your Silk Luxury

Silk may seem like a delicate, fragile fibre, but 100% natural Mulberry Silk is actually very strong and durable. That is why washing it is easier than you would think.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine with the delicate wash programme. Usually the newer washing machines have a special programme for washing silk.
  • Maximum temperature: 30 ℃
  • Drying cycle: max 600 rpm
  • Avoid using a dryer. It is best to hang the wet silk in fresh air. Avoid direct sun light; colourful pillowcases may bleach in the sun.
  • Ironing is allowed if you use low heat. Luckily, the newer ironing machines have a special setting for silk. In fact, when washing and drying the silk correctly, the fabric barely gets any wrinkles.

NB! It is crucial to use a laundry detergent which is specifically made for washing SILK (and wool). These two are both natural protein fibres and need to be washed with a neutral pH. Even a slightly alkaline pH level may damage the silk.


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